Yuji Takubo


North Ave NW

Atlanta, GA 30332

I am an undergraduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Aerospace Engineering (expected graduation: May 2023), currently intending to enter a Ph.D. program in Fall 2023.

I am also a recipient of a full-ride scholarship from Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation since 2020, which will be continued until the academic year 2027-2028.

My research interests include:

  • Space mission design (astrodynamics & space logistics)
  • Sequential decision-making (optimal control, reinforcement learning)
  • Optimization under uncertainty.

I am currently working at Georgia Tech Space System Optimization Group (advisor: Dr. Koki Ho), and Georgia Tech Dynamics and Control Systems Laboratory (advisor: Dr. Panagiotis Tsiotras). I am a former visiting student researcher at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Section 312A) and Tokyo Metropolitan University.

selected publications

  1. JSR
    Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Stochastic Spaceflight Campaign Design
    Yuji Takubo, Hao Chen, and Koki Ho
    Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 2022
  2. Automated Tour Design in the Saturnian System
    Yuji Takubo, Damon Landau, and Brian Anderson
    In 33rd AAS/AAIA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting 2023, Austin, TX (Full paper Accepted.arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.14996) 2023
  3. CEC
    Robust Constrained Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm based on Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Trajectory Optimization
    Yuji Takubo, and Masahiro Kanazaki
    In 2022 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2022